Stonehenge tourist attraction tour

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Private Stonehenge tourist attraction tour

Take the journey through the most popular tourist destinations with no time limits, endless queues and full of fun, comfort and style. Begin your tour on our private bus and explore new feeling of travelling.

We do our best to make routes as changeable as possible, having a wide range of options to offer for your full of part day journey to make you fully satisfied with this amazing trip.

Choose your destinations

We will pick from your location and bring you through the destinations preferred. After our tour we will bring you back to the same place (or another one if you wish).

You can either choose this option to your another tour (like the London City tourist attraction tour or around Southampton) if time for sightseeing Stonehenge has been left. So, you can extend your tour pleasure by seeing something more and but picturesque as well.

Why the choice of us

I cannot emphasize enough the value of freedom when compared to bus tours. You pick where you want to go and how long you want to stay there. We did it all at our own pace and you cannot do that with a bus tour.

Make the tour up to your wish

Tell us about your preferences beforehand or change the route during the trip itself.

Entrance fee and costs for food, drinks, etc. are not included.

Intended for up to 8 people and luggage

Suitable for family of small groups up to 8 people with one piece of luggage taken with.

There is a special offer of the private tour guide, but in this case there cannot be more than 6 people.

Up to 12 hours of sightseeing included

You can choose 2 waiting period hours as suggested or bring more to explore Windsor Castle at preferred tempo.
Total number of 12 hours for the whole tour

The Pickup

Our driver will pick you from your location and bring you through the destinations preferred. If it is required, we can make more stops for picking-up.


It’s time to contemplate the most popular but either most mysterious tourist destination of Great Britain! Its location is Wiltshire and its construction is a ring of differently standing stones, each of which weights around 25 tons. It has belonged to the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites since 1986. Not it is still arguing that was the use of Stonehenge but the most popular version is to bury people.
Are you willing to know more information about Stonehenge like open for visitors hours, prices and etc.?

Waiting time on

You will have at least 2 hours of stop according to your selected option. Our driver will stay nearby so you can apply for help at any time. Luggage storage is also driver’s concern.